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29 май 2009

Rublov - Zizek - Rodchenko - Marks - Lolita - Lenin - Sierakowski�Sasnal�Krasnal

From: Magda Okonska

Subject: Rublov - Zizek - Rodchenko - Marks - Lolita - Lenin - Sierakowski�Sasnal�Krasnal

Between 12-14 May Slavoj Zizek provides lectures around Poland promoting the book 'The Fragile Absolute'.

The Krasnals. Whielki Krasnal 'Pioneer Girl after Rodchenko / The Road from the icon to the photograph is long'. 2009. Acrylic on canvas. 33 x 27 cm

The wager of Zizek's The Fragile Absolute is that Christianity and Marxism should fight together against the onslaught of new spiritualism. The subversive core of the Christian legacy is much too precious to be left to the fundamentalists. Here is a fitting contribution from a Marxist to the 2000th anniversary of one who was well aware that to practice love in our world is to bring in the sword and fire.
He presents Christian message about redemption which gives the model for real left emancipation. The effect of successful sexual diversion. Polish church and conservative intellectuals are not so much interested in past or actual Christian reflection. It's worth to look at contemporary left thought which is inspired by it.
The Krasnals

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