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28 март 2009

Transart Institute - Ten Scholarships In International MFA Program

Transart Institute
Ten Scholarships In International MFA Program

Scholarships announcement


Transart Institute announced that six scholarships of USD 12,000 each
are available to students from Eastern Europe and developing countries
and four scholarships of 3,000 USD each are available to students from
anywhere to participate in the international MFA program.

Scholarships are given on the basis of artistic merit and financial need
to artists of all media and genres.


Transart Institute is a student-centered, self-directed MFA program,
uniquely located in Europe offering an accredited two year low-residency
course for working artists, teachers and all professionals in related
fields who are seeking advancement in visual arts and new media. The
innovative program consists of three intensive summer residencies with
lectures, workshops, critiques, seminars, performances and exhibitions
in Europe, two shorter, optional winter residencies in New York and four
semesters between residencies in which students create their own course
of study realizing individual art and research projects with the support
of faculty and self-chosen artist mentors wherever they work and live.

Transart Institute

The Transart MFA program is geared towards development of a sustainable
artistic praxis rather than training in certain media or genres,
challenging students to think conceptually and work creatively in new
ways. Current students work with animation, curating, digital media,
film, gaming, graphic design, installation, painting, performance,
photography, robotics, sculpture, sound, text, video, virtual reality.

For further information on the program please contact:

For further information on scholarships please write to:

Deadline: 01/05/09, 01/06/09 (without scholarships)

Transart Institute
228 Park Ave S. #34726
NY 10003
New York
tel: +44 (0) 870 922 0438/ eu (347) 410 9905/ usa
fax: (508) 682 2853/ usa

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