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04 декември 2007

(Dec. 3, 2007, New York City) Artist Sheryl Oring announced today

Ako nyakoi mozhe da I dade dom na edna ot tezi skulpturi, neka mi pishe.
svetlana mintcheva"

Artist to Donate 'Writer's Block' Sculptures

Priority given to organizations that plan events
for 75th anniversary of the Nazi book burnings in May 2008;
exhibition by New York artist began on Berlin№s Bebelplatz


(Dec. 3, 2007, New York City) Artist Sheryl Oring announced today that
she will donate three of her 'Writer's Block' sculptures to a qualified
institution. The sculptures are part of a large-scale public
installation created by Oring and originally shown on Berlin№s Bebelplatz, site of
the 1933 Nazi book burning in that city.

After the Bebelplatz exhibition in 1999, іWriter№s BlockІ was
subsequently exhibited at the Jewish Museum Berlin; in the Lions№ Courtyard at the
Buda Castle in Budapest; the Boston Public Library and Bryant Park at the
New York Public Library. In each place along the way, the exhibition drew
attention to historical and contemporary issues of censorship.

The three sculptures up for donation are currently housed in Berlin.
Because of the historical nature of this work, Oring is interested in finding
host organizations that would like to plan events in May 2008, the 75th
anniversary of the Nazi book burnings, to commemorate the authors whose
books were burned across Germany in May 1933.

Each of the sculptures is 1 cubic meter in size. For more information,
please contact Sheryl Oring at:

Her work can be viewed at

About the Artist:

Named ABC News№ Person of the Week by Peter Jennings for her
performance piece іI Wish to SayІ during the 2004 Republican Convention in New
York City, Sheryl Oring is a former journalist (The New York Times, the San
Francisco Chronicle, Die Welt) whose provocative work often explores
the intersection of language, boundaries, and memory. In 2008, her book,
іI Wish to Say (The Birthday Project)І will be released by Quack!Media.

Oring's past work includes іWriting Home,І a performance in which
she invited people to dictate letters to their ancestors; іIf I Were
Chancellor,І a public performance project in Germany; and іWriter№s
Block,І a sculptural installation made out of hundreds of antique typewriters.
She has received fellowships from the Creative Capital Foundation, New York
Foundation for the Arts; the Robert Bosch Foundation; and the Arthur F.
Burns fellowship program. In addition, Oring has held a residency as
part of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council№s Swing Space program; and has
exhibited in museums, cultural centers, galleries and public spaces in
the United States, Europe and India. Oring lives in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Her work can be viewed at

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