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16 декември 2009

Baltic Art Center (BAC) Residency: Open Call for Applications

e-artnow: 15.12.2009

Baltic Art Center (BAC) Residency: Open Call for Applications


Baltic Art Center in Visby, Sweden, now welcomes applications to the 2010 AIR residency for Baltic and Nordic artists and art professionals


Skeppsbron 24
621 57 Visby

Application deadline:
15 January 2010

Baltic Art Center now welcomes applications to the 2010 AIR residency for Baltic and Nordic artists and art professionals.

To be eligible for the residency you have to be a professional working artist, curator or contemporary art writer from one of the Baltic or Nordic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Greenland or the Faroe Islands), or be based professionally in one of these countries. Please note that we do not accept applications from Sweden this year.

Applications must be received on or before 15 January 2010. Successful applicants will be notified by 15 February.

There is no application form. You apply with a CV, documentation of previous works and a project description for the activities you wish to undertake at BAC. Please apply in English as the applications will be reviewed by an international jury. The applications are assessed on the basis of merit and the ability of BAC to support the proposed project.

You can apply to come to BAC for a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 8 weeks during the period April – June, or September – December 2010. It is possible to divide your stay across two separate visits should this benefit your project. Please specify your preferred time and length of stay in the application.

Applications with a clearly formulated project description and indication of how you are planning to use your time at BAC will be prioritized. Please describe the project you intend to work on at BAC and how your working process would benefit from the residency. BAC welcomes projects at all stages of development; from the early stages of research through to production and post-production. All residents are expected to hold a public talk about their practice during their stay at BAC.

As an AIR resident at BAC you will receive a monthly stipend of 14 000 SEK. Travel expenses to and from Visby will be covered. You will be allocated an apartment and a desk space adjacent to the BAC offices. Should your project require a separate studio space or other facilities, this can be arranged if agreed in advance. Please state your needs clearly in the application. BAC offers modest financial support for specific production costs up to 20 000 SEK per project. Please include a budget should you require financial support for your project.

Applications should be sent by email to: Please write 'AIR application 2010' in the subject heading of your email. We do not accept applications sent by post.

The AIR residency is supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

About BAC:
BAC is a centre for contemporary art located on the Swedish island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. We currently have two residency and production programs: PIR (Production-in-Residence) for international artists, and AIR (Artist-in-Residence) for artists, curators and contemporary art writers from the Baltic and Nordic countries. PIR is by invitation only, whereas AIR is open for application once a year. BAC does not have a continuous exhibition program. We work on a project-by-project basis together with different partners in Sweden and internationally to disseminate our productions. We arrange artist talks, public discussions, events and screenings in conjunction with the residency and production programs.

In 2009 BAC hosted the following artists and curators as part of the AIR program: Petra Bauer & Kim Einarsson (SE), Ruth Hege Halstensen (NO), Lise Harlev (DK), Sara Jordenő (SE) and Tommy Støckel (DK).

Please visit for further information.

BAC is funded by the Gotland Municipality and the Swedish Arts Council with generous support from the Foundation of the Culture of the Future.

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