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12 ноември 2009


Concept V is pleased to present its inaugural exhibition with the group
show, Nightmare Full of Things Unspeakable, curated by Karline Moeller and Nicola
Vassell.An excerpt taken from Charles Baudelaire’s “The Beacons,” Nightmare Full of
Things Unspeakable looks at hysteria and its various manifestations in contemporary
life: love, hate, lust, sex, ego, fear, politics, religion, technology, aesthetics,
geography, etc. All thirteen artists on display, Francesco Clemente, Etta Etrog,
Gelitin, Zilvinas Kempinas, Rachel Kneebone, Curtis Mitchell, Rashaad Newsome, Raqib
Shaw, Katharina Sieverding, Pola Sieverding, Jeff Sonhouse, Georgi Tushev, and Nari
Ward embody this ignored, even unacknowledged, state of mind. Whether the final
objects personify panic, or the artistic process succumbs to maniacal methods, each
participant identifies
at least one symptom of hysteria.

Perhaps the diagnosis is in the environment. Do we resort to hysterical behavior as
a form of protection from extreme emotion or is it simply an excuse for the peculiar
and bizarre? A composition of extraordinary and complex temperaments, this
exhibition unveils the frenzy in everything and everyone. Instead of acknowledging
hysteria as a momentary infliction, it is exposed as a common state, a daily
occurrence—an all too familiar feeling. We begin to recognize malaise as a mundane
and predictable format, intangible yet inevitably a part of reality.

Each artist donates his or her own ethos to hysteria resulting in a display of
unmanageable fear and emotional excess. However when
presented together, this alliance resembles the eye of a storm— tranquility at the
center but surrounded by torment.

Nightmare Full of Things Unspeakable opens Friday the 13th November, 2009 and will
be on view through Saturday the
30th January, 2010. The space will be open to the public Mon -Sat 12 – 7 pm, or by

In an effort to revive a more intimate chapter of the New York City art experience,
Concept V offers not only an exhibition space but also a salon inspired setting
that will host musical events, readings, performances, screenings and other
community based happenings. Concept V welcomes you to experience Nightmare Full of
Things Unspeakable. For more information regarding Concept V and upcoming events,
please email thanks to Deitch Projects for its

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