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29 януари 2009

полски активисти срещу наложената цензура от българското правителство

Polish activists oppose covering up Entropa
28 January 2009

Brussels, Jan 27 (CTK) - The Index 73 association of Polish art scientists and journalists has placed a petition on the Internet last week protesting against the covering of the "Bulgarian part" of Czech sculptor David Cerny's Entropa controversial installation in Brussels, its spokeswoman Lidia Makowska said on Tuesday.

She told CTK by phone that through the petition the association wanted to achieve that Entropa were again displayed as a whole, without any censorship.

Cerny's Entropa art installation, mocking various cliches and prejudices connected with the EU countries was unveiled in the EU Council's seat within the Czech Republic's EU presidency three weeks ago.

The Czech Republic assumed the six-month EU rotating presidency on January 1. The installation is to be on display until June 30.

Bulgaria has officially protested against being shown as a country symbolised by Turkish (squat) toilets on Cerny's map of Europe. In reaction to it, its part of the map was covered with a black sheet last week.

The first petition demanding that the Bulgarian map be again opened was launched by Bulgarian citizens last week.

Regardless of the controversies that accompanied its presentation, Entropa has been on display for two weeks and is a remarkable symbol of the Czech EU presidency.

"Europe is lacking the art of critical reflection. We are demanding that the Bulgarian government apologise and that the covered part of Entropa be again unveiled," Makowska said.

She said Index 73 was dealing with the cases of censorship in Polish art and that it had registered about 90 such cases over the past 20 years.

"We strongly support David Cerny's right to express himself in a provocative manner that opens a debate about our internal European problems," says an open letter that accompanies the petition.

The letter is addressed to the Bulgarian president and government.

According to Makowska, Index 73 will collect signatures until February 16 and will the hand the petition over to the Bulgarian authorities.

During the public presentation of the artifact Cerny and Czech Minister for EU Affairs Alexandr Vondra apologised to Bulgarians.

Cerny has mystified the Czech government and the whole of the EU by pretending that he created the artifact to represent the Czech EU presidency, a stylised map depicting the EU countries in a shocking way, along with another 26 artists from the EU member states.

However, it finally surfaced that the authors were fictitious persons and that he created the artifact with a couple of his friends.

Vondra was responsible for the art project on behalf of the Czech EU presidency but he had no idea Cerny was its sole author.

Cerny apologised to the Czech government and Vondra but said that "a grotesque hyperbole and mystification belong to characteristic features of Czech culture."

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2 коментара:

Анонимен каза...

When the cotroversy raised, Czech Deputy Prime Minister for EU Affairs Alexandr Vondra defended “Entropa”:

Art is freedom. Freedom of expression is a founding principle of democracy. Art knows no boundaries. The Czech Presidency motto is a Europe without Barriers. (...)

Entropa is just art – nothing more, nothing less. In the last two days it has raised rather positive reactions. People react as they usually do when they attend an art exhibition: they watch, they analyse, discussing not only their own country but also the others. The project depicts mainly stereotypes and clichés as barriers to integration and cooperation in Europe. By realising that these barriers are there, we can start removing them. Realisation of prejudice is a sine-qua-non condition for its elimination. (...)

This piece of art has never been meant as the Czech Presidency vision of the EU or its Member States, and no matter how shocking the latest discovery might be, it does not change anything in this regard: this is not how the Czech Government or Presidency views the EU or any Member State. (...)

Entropa is a provocation of a kind. I understand that some could feel offended and I would like to apologise to them. This does not just concern Bulgaria but any other member state. (...)

We gave opportunity to free expression and it is the artist’s responsibility how he will approach this free space. We consider Entropa to be a piece of art. Nothing more, nothing less. I hope we can agree on this with the rest of the European family. We hope we will be able to laugh with you – not at you. (...)

Анонимен каза...

"Europe is lacking the art of critical reflection. We are demanding that the Bulgarian government apologise and that the covered part of Entropa be again unveiled," Makowska said.

I'm Polish who observes all the circus about "Entropa" of David Cerny. I must say, I'm also against censorship, but on the other hand, I'm also against showing Bulgaria like a Turkish toilet.
I rather agree with your countryman Petko Stoyanov who with his project and answer to Entropa raises awareness to degrading treating of chosen countries by David Cerny. ( )
When Cerny shows Bulgaria like the Turkish toilet, he should find so strong and controversial subjects to all of the other countries. Tragi history and so important problem can't be comparable with Ikea box or Belgian chocolates.

Now Poland maybe can see the problem and starts to understand it when Petko Stoyanov proposes the vision of Poland as "The shower for Jews".
I really wonder if we - Polish - wouldn't have anything against seeng it hanging on Entropa in Brussels?

I know and understand that you, Bulgarian artists are against censorship and decisions of your government, but what do you think about presenting Bulgaria in Cerny way, comparing to other countries visions?

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