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14 октомври 2008





Opening: Wednesday, October 22nd at 8pm, Cankarjev dom Small Gallery.


You are kindly invited to the press conference on Tuesday, October 21st at 12pm at the conference room M1!



The third MONTH OF PHOTOGRAPHY, a festival of authorial photography, is drawing near. Similarly to some other European capitals it ties various organizations, museums and galleries into a united group of photographic exhibitions organizers. In this way around 30 domestic and foreign authorial photography projects accompanied by a rich additional program will be presented in about a month, between the middle of October and the end of November. In this time and place, where contemporary photography has not yet achieved a satisfactory status on the institutional level that would match this media to other creative practices of fine art, this kind of program is welcomed by all lovers of photography and visual art as such.


Apart from the Month of Photography exhibitions, this year's edition offers a lively accompanying program, such as the Talks on Contemporary Photography, which will include different sections: "Development in the Field of Contemporary Art Photography in the Region of Central and Southeast Europe section", "Photography and Publishing", "Talks with Exhibitions' Artists and Curators" and "Photography Education" as well as lectures, symposium, guided exhibitions, etc. The award for the Exhibition of the year will be rewarded to an author of an individual exhibition and a gallerist or curator of a collective exhibition.


Month of Photography will start with an international collective exhibition Photonic Moments, a review of contemporary photography originating in the countries of East and Southeast Europe. This exhibition is also the official exhibition of the festival and will be shown at many different European destinations during the next year. This time, the exhibition hosts 18 authors coming from 6 countries (Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia and Turkey).


We prepared a large number of exhibitions this year to be shown from the middle of October and throughout November 2008 at show grounds in Ljubljana and others parts of Slovenia. The list of the exhibitions and dates of openings can be seen below (attached).


At the beginning of the festival a press/info center will be running in Cankarjev dom at conference room M1 – catalogues, promotion material, foreign magazines and other material will be available there. The centre will be opened each day between 3 and 7 pm.




 Photonic Moments 08 / Ektor Dimisianos, from the series Black Dust, 2004 / 2007





-          Photonic Moments IV, 22.10. – 16.11. 2008, Small Gallery, Cankarjev dom Ljubljana

-          Eva Petrič, Can You Swim?, 14.10. – 02.11. 2008, City Gallery Ljubljana

-          Jelena Vivoda, Urban – Rural, 14.10. – 03.11. 2008, KUD France Prešeren Ljubljana

-          Metka Vergnion, Silence, 15.10. – 22.11. 2008, Fotografija Gallery Ljubljana

-          Branko Lenart, Piran:Pirano, 17.10. – 16.11. 2008, Obalne galerije Piran

-          Igor Bijuklič, On the Blade of Horizon, 21.10. – 11.11. 2008, KUD France Prešeren Ljubljana

-          Talks on Contemporary Photography, 23.10. – 24.10. 2008, Conference Room M3, Cankarjev dom Ljubljana

-          Andrej Perko, Waters, 22.10. – 09.11. 2008, Rotovž – Glass Atrium Ljubljana

-          Matej Sitar, Tsuriai, 23.10. – 11.11. 2008, Atelje 2050, Red Gallery Ljubljana

-          Barbara Jakše & Stane Jeršič, The Stuff That Dreams are Made of, 23.10. – 06.11. 2008, Gallery Ljubljana

-          Roberto Kusterle, The Mirror of the Body, 25.10. – 24.11. 2008, Tir Gallery Nova Gorica

-          Gyula Fodor, Noosphere, 29.10. – 22.11. 2008, Photon Gallery Ljubljana

-          Ernst Logar, Non Public Spaces, 29.10. – 18.11. 2008, Gallery-Studio Mikado Ljubljana

-          Gerhard Gross, Seattle Works, 29.10. – 02.12. 2008, Gallery Fair Ljubljana

-          Dušan Pirih Hup, Retrospective, 04.11. – 25.11. 2008, Gallery, KUD France Prešeren Ljubljana

-          Triestefotografia for Ljubljana, 04.11. – 30.11. 2008, Jakopič Gallery Ljubljana

-          Miniature 2008, 05.11. – 30.11. 2008, Gorenjski muzej Kranj

-          Castrumphoto 08, The Overshadowed, 07.11. – 28.11. 2008, Pilon Gallery Ajdovščina

-          Vilijem Cigoj, Narrations, 07.11. – 10.12. 2008, Stolp Gallery Maribor

-          Tomaž Lunder, The Surface of Memory, 10.11. – 21.11. 2008, 1. Entrance Hall, Cankarjev dom Ljubljana

-          Stojan Kerbler, Retrospective Exhibition, 11.11. – 20.12. 2008, Gorenjski muzej Kranj

-          The Meeting, 13.11. – 13.12. 2008, Mons hotel Ljubljana

-          Portrait: Berlin, 14.11. – 06.12. 2008, City Museum Ljubljana

-          DK, Passages to Modern Concerns, 17.11. – 07.12. 2008, City Gallery Ljubljana

-          Lado Jakša, Dialogwithoutdialog, 20.11. – 05.12. 2008, Gallery-Studio Mikado Ljubljana

-          Bojan Salaj, Interiors III, 24.11. – 10.12. 2008, Photon Gallery Ljubljana

-          Robo Blaško, The Lost Project, 24.11. – 14.12. 2008, Alkatraz Gallery Ljubljana

-          Tomo Brejc, Untitled, 25. 11. – 31. 12. 2008, UGM Maribor

-          Symposium From Puhar to the First World War, 27.11. 2008, Gorenjski muzej Kranj

-         Portrait of the photographer: Stojan Kerbler, film projection, 27.11. 2008,  Gorenjski muzej Kranj


This festival is supported by the Ministry of Culture.




Thank you for publication in your media. For better resolution photographic material or further information please contact us at the below addresses!


Miha Colner,

Public relations for the festival


Zavod Mesec Fotografije

Galerija Photon

Poljanska 1

1000 Ljubljana

T: +386 59 977907

T: +386 12302071

M: +386 31 354 843


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