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06 март 2008

10m2 sarajevo / video-salon 3

Video-Salon 3, Curatorial Rebound Project

7th - 21tst MARCH 2008

For the XXIV International Sarajevo Winter "Barricades without borders",
it's a pleasure to invite you to exhibition "Video-Salon 3, Curatorial
Rebound Project", a collective video art exhibition in galerija10m2.

Opening exhibition on friday 7th march 2008 at 18.00
The exhibition will take place until march 21st 2008

Hope to see you soon,

Video salon 3, Curatorial Rebound Project Collective exhibition of video art gathering 200 artists from 30 different countries: this is a fragmentary panorama of a contemporary activity whose formal multiplicity and abundance coerce us into questioning the reality of what is “visual”, it’s temporality and it’s mobility. We have no other ambition here than to open up a crack in the video-graphic universe, to give a glimpse of the richness and multiplicity of form of the medium, with no attempt at extracting one or several tendencies that would serve to somehow refine an act of showing that intends to be purely “raw”. No subjects, no central questions, no techniques, no set time limit. The curatorial work functions by ricochet. The gallery invites numerous artistes and several curators, as each of the artists can invite another, who in turn can submit the work of a third artist, etc. We present a free and empirical principle of accumulation of works, to which the spontaneity of the presentation corresponds: free access to approximately 150 videos, a flat screen and a DVD player.

куратор от България

Curated by Nadia Timova:

БГ участници
Stephan Nikolaef, Ivan Moudov, Kalin Serapionov, Ventzislav Zankov, Valentin Stefanoff & Nina Kovacheva, Daniela Kostova, Vladimir Mitrev, Boryana Rossa

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