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31 януари 2008

Last call for submissions - Art Video Screening 2008

From: "Jonas Nilsson" <>

Subject: Last call for submissions - Art Video Screening 2008

> Sorry for any x-postings.
> Please pass this information on.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Last call for submissions
> WHO: Artists and MA Fine art students working with videoart.
> WHAT: Art Video Screening, a video art event.
> WHERE: Bio Roxy's Café, Orebro, Sweden
> WHEN: 18-19th April 2008.
> TO APPLY: A submissionform is needed.
> More info and submission guidelines online.
> DEADLINE: 22nd February 2008.
> Art Video Screening is a private, artist-run and non-profit initiative,
> it's an event and platform focusing on video art and aims to support
> artists work. Art Video Screening doesn't have its own screening location,
> but is instead collaborating with other culture organizers.
> Once a year artists are able to submit new video works for evening
> screenings, which is the base for Art Video Screening's activity. Beside
> these screenings there are also extra screenings there videos are selected
> from Art Video Screening's video archive.
> The screenings for 2008 will be held in a new city and new space from
> 2007. As we have moved house to Orebro, the event comes with us and will
> be located in a local cinema, Bio Roxy.

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