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31 януари 2008


na vuprosa za deadline na IDEA-NON-REALIZATION 2 ('KURZSCHLUSS) - eto otgovora

Sladjana Varagic <> wrote:
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 04:24:31 -0800 (PST)
From: Sladjana Varagic <>
To: ventsislav zankov <>

Dear Venci,
We finished with open competition, and this is extra time for finishing selection. We work on selection, and we need short description of the project, CVs and visual documentation as soon as possible. We can wait one week (till 8th February at least).
We will publish catalogue, and we want to present every project with:
-          Description of the project
-          Explanation of the problem (which kind of problems/reasons make a 'kurzchluss' in the process of realization. What is the reason for breaking down the system?)
-          CV
-          Visual presentation
Exhibition will be open in the April in Gallery Marzik in Kraljevo. We want organize public presentation of the project by the artists/participants. After that we will make opening and promotion of the catalogue in Remont Belgrade.
Artists can send projects by e-mail on interaction@eunet.yu or on (no bigger than 2 MB).
Thank you.
Keep in touch.

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ventsislav zankov
E80 board chair
mobile: +359 887 51 97 94

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