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29 октомври 2007


Александър Вълчев е награден от Австрийския културен институт в Словения с едномесечен престой в Грац /Австрия/ стипендия и самостоятелна изложба през 2008
куратор на българското участие в Месец на Фоторафията, Любляна , Словения е Венцислав Занков . текст за българското участие - Zeitgeist -face control
публикуван в каталога на събитието

Miha Colner wrote:

Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2007 07:32:12 +0100

Photonic Moments award – for selected artist from 2007 exhibition
Announcement: October 24 2007 at 8. pm in Mala galerija in Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana!
The award for the best artist from this year Photonic Moment exhibition was awarded by Natascha Grilj from Austrian Cultural Institute. Photonic Moments has become the official exhibition of the Ljubljana Month of Photography and will be also hosted in some countries of the region of South-eastern and Eastern Europe and also in the wider region as a representative exhibition of this festival next year. With the expansion of this event into the international dimension we wish to increase the possibility of involvement of authors from these regions in the international photography field.
Our long term partner in these efforts is Austrian organization, the Cultural City Network (Kulturvermittlung Steiermark) from Graz. As a sponsor of the exhibition, they are giving out an award in the form of a one month residency and scholarship in Graz in 2008 and the chance of an independent exhibition for a selected author for the second year now.
The winner of Photonic Moments award for this year is Alexander Valchev from Bulgaria with his project called Reminescences , photographic series of portraits of great artistic merit in the spirit of Renaissance after the portrait paintings of old masters.
Alexander Valchev will be awarded with one month residency, scholarship and solo exhibition in year 2008 in Graz!!!

Concept and selection of bulgarian participation in "photonic moments 2007' Ljubliana - Ventsislav Zankov
with the "Zeitgeist- face control' project

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T/F.: 00386 1 2302071
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