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02 август 2013

Dimanche Rouge Summer Program in Paris

Dimanche Rouge is proud to announce its Summer program at Plateforme Gallery in Paris, France throughout July and August, 2013. This will include performances, talks, screenings, exhibits and workshops. The aim is to stimulate discussion with artists, the art community and general public about performance art and experimental performances.
14th, 3pm- Screening, Magmart "100x100=900"
21st, 8pm- Talk/Screening, Klio Krajewska "Polish Performances"
24th, 8pm- Installation, Steven Schoch
26th, 8pm- Dance Performances, Inari Salmivaara, Magy Ganiko
27th, 8pm- Workshop, Magy Ganiko

2nd, 8pm- Performance Art, Emilio Rojas
3rd, 8pm- Sound Performance, Krachkisten Orchester
9th, 8pm- Butoh Performance, John Giskes
10th, 11am- Workshop, John Giskes
16th, 8pm- Performance Art, Olivia Wiederkehr
29th, 8pm- Performance Art, Jessica Hirst, Weeks & Whitford

73 rue des Haies, 75020 Paris


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