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05 декември 2011

FUNERAL - Alex Prtroff - Dec 10

Алекс Петров
10 - 29 декември 2011; откриване 19 h
ПИСТОЛЕТ, Раковски 122

погребваме старото и мумията му ни преследва с хеликоптер.носете си траурните костюми, надгробните камъни, дозите, диагнозите, спринцовките, хапчетата, патронките, патрондашите, прашките, виденията, оцъклените погледи, халюцинациите, шумовете в ушите, гласовете в главата, светът върви към пропаст - скачайте.
присъствието задължително. за вашето анти настроение ще се погрижат още - иво цанов, васил прасков, лъчезар лозанов, добринка корчева, данаил досев, раймонд краев и др.
музика: ради николов.
с подкрепата на ДАУХАУС

Alex Petroff
10 - 29 Dec 2011
PISTOLET, 122 Rakovski Str, Sofia

we bury the old and it's after us on a helicopter.
bring your black clothes, grave stones, doses, diagnosis, squirts, pills, your tiny bullets and bandoliers, slings, visions, glassy gazes, hallucinations, ear noises, head voices, world's headed for a chasm - go jump.

attendence due. your anti mood will be supported also by ivo tsanov, vassil prashkov, luchezar lozanov, dobrinka korcheva, danail dossev, raimond kraev etc.
music by radi nikolov
supported by DAUHAUS

additional message:
Dear friends, believe it or not I did some promotional labour (!!) and started uploading archives in pistolet's facebook page, which was a tottal nessecity since pistiolet's website is off for more than a year now... so be good fans and click the "like" button! You may also like the page of Chaika and the joint one together with Ham&eggs and Carevitsa.
you may have heard the rumours of closing the venue. Might be true... a wierd opportunity came out just the other day so there is a tiny chance to work out. No bothers anyway. As Gerginov sais: "There will be bread, there will be future!"!

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