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13 юли 2011

Artist in residence in Antarctica

Ако всичко друго се прецака, винаги остава Антарктида...

The Argentinian artist Andrea Juan has created several projects in
Antarctica. She has also convinced the Argentinian Antarctic Division
to have an artist in residence program.

Here you'll find the call.


National Direction of the Antarctic

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Cult
Arts Residency in the Argentine Antarctic Stations

The Institutional Cooperation Program is open to contemplate projects
related to culture in all its disciplines.
This Program is carried out between the National Direction of the
Antarctic (DNA), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade
and Cult, and government and/or private Organizations related to art
and culture. The non-Argentine institutions propose one or two artists
to develop artistic projects during a specific residence in the
Argentine Antarctic Stations.
The non-Argentine institution shall propose and sponsor the artists to
develop projects related to the subject matters that the National
Direction of the Antarctic requires for this Agreement.
The subject matters that the artistic projects will have to deal with
shall be related to environment preservation and man interaction in
that territory.  The work of art shall display a prominent respect for
environment, creativity and innovation. Science and technology as an
artistic support are considered as highly valuable at the moment of
selecting the projects submitted.  The artists who will reside in the
Antarctica will participate in future itinerant exhibitions of "South
Pole, Art in the Antarctica", integrating their work to the different
projects at exhibition.
The stay in Antarctica is estimated to be between 30 to 40 days.

The National Direction of the Antarctic provides with:
1- Transfers Buenos Aires/ Antarctic/ Buenos Aires.
2- Accommodation and meals in the Antarctic stations
3- Logistic and coordination of the cultural project
4- Inclusion of the artists into the Antarctic Art program

The project proposed by the foreign organization shall include:
o  Letter of intention from the institution or organization supporting
the presentation of the artist(s).

o An artistic proposal related to the Antarctic subject matter. The
work can be performed in the Antarctica or later in the artist's
country of origin. It is open to all aesthetic proposals

o A cooperation proposal that the institution may consider pertinent

o A résumé of the artist, 10 photographs of previous work of art and a
fundament of his/her work.

Material and consultation to be sent to:

The selection of projects will be performed by a committee of
specialists of the National Direction of the Antarctic. Proposals are
received until October 15.

We would like to inform all artists and institutions that are willing
to apply to the Institutional Cooperation Agreement that the
characteristics of the Antarctic continent are very particular and
special, as the weather is inhospitable; living conditions and
isolation, both human and technological, may generate special
situations of uncertainty and anxiety in individuals. Therefore, it is
mandatory that the prospective temporary residents at the Argentine
Antarctic Stations have intimate convictions to carry out experiences
in the Antarctica being totally aware of and accepting life as it is
in that continent. The artists shall timely submit a physical and
psychological fitness certificate and a certificate of commitment with
environment protection.

Documents of the artist(s) applying for residence in the Antarctica.
-First and Last Names:
-Place of Residence
-Date of Birth:
-Phone number:
-Institution represented:
- Photo

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