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14 юли 2008



Live concerts, performances and sound-installations

- a project in the frame of European Sound Delta -

The Bridge Festival is a two days music and sound-art event held on the 18th and 19th of July in Ruse, at the Canetti House and in the old fort Sexaginta Prista, as well as in the Giurgiu freezone. More than 30 artists from Europe, Canada and U.S. are invited to take part with concerts, performances and sound-installations.

The entrance at the festival is almost free: a symbolic 1 euro is to be paid for the night concerts.


Space disco guru Prins Thomas is invited to play on the first day of the festival. Prins Thomas first poked his head up in dance circles in 2003, joining forces with Lindstrøm to bring a new kind of vibe to disco circles, one that was as in love with instrumental rock and noodly seventies jazz as dusty old disco gems. «I like to mix up the styles. The old with the new, the minimal cuts with the Balearic beauties and my own classics on top of it in order not to get bored", says the master himself.

Warp artist Mira Calix will be taken out of the «wilderness» and brought to Ruse for an organic « laptronica » live set built using knackered bits of wood, noises of insects and songs of birds. Her wide musical vocabulary and extensive record collection have resulted in her opening up for famous live bands like Godspeed You!, Black Emperor, Radiohead, Boards of Canada, Pan Sonic and Faust.

Other names like the legendary minimalists Phill Niblock or Katherine Liberovskaya, the electronica swinger Candie Hank or the fairytale Berlin duo Chica and The Folder are also invited to perform, together with field-recording French artists like Joakim Montessuis, Julien Ottavi, TÔ, WPMG and new talents from both sides of the Danube like Pistamashina(BG), Sillyconductor (RO), Minus & Vali (RO) etc.


At the Canetti House in Ruse, Le Placard, a ten hours headphone festival, is programmed on the 19th of July. The festival "is a particular way of diffusing performances via headphones, thus immersing the audience in a state of concentration. To the present day, about a hundred of Le Placard festivals have taken place, connecting various cities.

In the same venue, Halbot, the sound installation by the French group APO33, will be on view, displaying a local network of recording/broadcast devices linked to different remote spaces.


During the festival, two audio-walks will be held both in Ruse and the neighboring Giurgiu. The Sound Drop audio-walks invite the public to rediscover the cityscapes through sounds that transform the perception of spaces and introduce fiction into reality.


The Bridge Festival takes place in the frame of European Sound Delta - a 3 months nomadic residency navigating on the Rhine and Danube rivers, a performance across Europe and a radio project concerned with the perception of traversed spaces. Two boats will simultaneously navigate upstream on both European rivers from the North Sea and the Black Sea down to Strasbourg. Technical equipments and crews of artists - either invited or having responded to a call for participation - will be on board. During summer 2008, participants will be asked to compose sound pieces and create in-situ devices from recordings made in the crossed cities: ambiences, languages, music.


Organizers: Collectif Mu (Paris), Rokolectiv (Bucharest), Arena Media (Ruse), International Elias Canetti Association (Ruse)

Support: EACEA executive agency, Arcelor Mittal, Romanian Ministry of Culture, European Cultural Foundation, Saison Culturelle Européenne Culture France, Robert Bosch Stiftung, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany Sofia , Mainromline, Giurgiu City Hall

Media partners: Mouvement, Poptronics, Radio WNE, 24Fun,, ……




14h00 to 18h00 / Giurgiu Freezone (RO)

14h00 to 17h00 - Sound Drop Citysonics (MU) – audio-walk in the freezone

17h00 - TÔ (France) / live performance nearby the ESD boat

20h00 Canetti House (BG)

Julien Ottavi – Apo33 (Fr) / Halbot installation & live performance

Henning Lundkvist (Swe) / live performance

22h00 Sexaginta Prista (BG) - OPEN AIR

Live concerts & DJ Sets


Chica and The Folder / De

Sillyconductor / Ro

Tom Wilson / Uk

Prins Thomas / No

Cosmiq Microbiq / Ro

Vj: SKVJS / Ro


12h00 - 22h00 - Canetti House (BG)

Le Placard headphone festival

Sound Drop Citysonics (MU) - Ruse edit / 14h00 to 18h00

22h00 Canetti House (BG)

Phill Niblock (USA) & Katherine Liberovskaya (Ca) audio-video live performance vs Joachim Montessuis (Fr) live performance from MONS (BE)

23h00 - Sexaginta Prista (BG) - OPEN AIR
Live concerts & DJ Sets

Pistamashina / Bg

Mira Calix / Uk

Minus si Ion / Ro

Candie Hank / De

Camil / Ro

Alien Pimp / Ro

Vj Vali Chincisan / Ro


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