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08 септември 2011

Fw: 'Back' in Sofia

'Back' is the abstract and subtle communication transmitted by six bodies in a stage where the reflections combine in their own dimension and give us a hypnotic spectacle.

Is in that mirror were images cast, dissect and unite in order to show us something far away from any form of conventionalism.


 Within the parameters of contemporary dance, 'Back' finds inspiration in its choreography, in its meticulous interpretation and in the precise lighting which fills with lights and shadows every part of the bodies.


'Back' is an artistic flow of movements whit its own perspective which are headed to a specific direction. It is intentionally austere in its wardrobe, because it searches for its essence in the naturalness and in the nuance the dancers give to their motions.





Back' is a coming back to the roots, a brave and ethereal composition which is based on the character and on the personality of its dancers, which weakens the line between the audience and the artists.


To the rhythm of Zoe Keating's music, 'Back' immerses us in different atmospheres and spaces, which can be dream-like and innovative.


'Back' will be real thanks to the Spanish Embassy and "Sofía Dance Week"


27 of September in the theatre "Sulza i Smiah"

Ariel Ilieff
Embajada de España en Bulgaria
Oficina Cultural
C/ Sheynovo, 27
1504 - Sofía
Tel: 00359 - 2 - 9489940
Fax: 00359 - 2 - 9461201

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