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14 май 2008

Call for Projects “Circulations” Exhibition with FêtArt, Photo Month 2008, Paris

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Call for Projects â€œCirculations” Exhibition with FêtArt, Photo Month 2008, Paris
Note! Deadline 14th June 2008
We're organising an exhibition for the Paris Photo Month in November.
FêtArt is looking for photographers to exhibit for the occasion.
I would be really grateful if you shared the following information with your mailing lists and anyone you think might be interested.
- FêtArt -
FêtArt is a French association (recognised as being of public benefit) that promotes up and  coming photographers. We organise cultural events and exhibitions and aim to give young  photographers their first chance to exhibit. Since the creation of FetArt in 2005, we have  organised more than 25 exhibitions with over a hundred photographers. FetArt has become a  launch pad for the careers of these young artists and has brought numerous talents into the  spotlight giving them a foothold in the competitive art market.
- Collective exhibition - Theme : Europe -
This November, FêtArt is organising the collective exhibition “Circulations” made up of young  European photographers for the 2008 Paris Photo Month (Mois de la Photo à Paris 2008). This year, the theme of Le mois de la photo will be  “European Photography : Between Tradition and  Mutation.” Our exhibition will allow these young artists to express their cultural identities  within the forum of a common “European” identity.  With this exhibition, we will promote the construction of European network of young  photographers and a better international recognition of these artists. 
- During The Exhibition -
The event will be supplemented by conferences, debates, book signings, workshops and portfolio reviews organised with professionals from the visual arts world.
For more information, or to download the pdf file, please click on the link below:
We look forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes...
The FêtArt Team

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