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30 януари 2008

конкурс за "късо съединение"

конкурс за изложба на нереализирани проекти и идеи (Idea-not-realisation 2).
второто издание се фокусира върху идеи с висок енергиен потенциал, които в процеса на реализиация са предизвикали "късо съединение" и срив в системата.
за бг участници - контакт В.Занков

Independent Film Centre ’FILMART’ Pozega and REMONT – Independent Art Association organize International Art Exhibition ’KURZSCHLUSS’, i.e. SHORT-CIRCUIT (Idea-not-realisation 2).

Idea-not-realization 1 was held in 2003 in The Art Gallery in Pozega. The exhibition dealt with different unrealized ideas.

We carried on with the questioning the possibilities of ideas being able to realize and that is how Idea-not-realization 2 was developed. As devised by the organizers, ’KURZSCHLUSS’ deals with the works of high ’energetic’ potential that causes ’kurzchluss’ in the process of realization in the system that easily breaks down.

’KURZSCHLUSS’ consists of:
  • sketch, synopsis, computer animation, video, etc. shows
  • bilingual publications that introduce the entire projects
  • public discussions / project presentations (The Art Gallery REMONT – Belgrade and The Art Gallery Marzik - Kraljevo)

Every artist whose projects are completely thought out and partially realized can take part in the competition (but they must explain why the ’kurzschluss’ occurred in the course of realization).

Those who are interested in such an exhibition should submit the following:
  • written explanation of their project
  • visual presentation of the project
  • CV of the author
Selection jury consists of Darka Radosavljevic Vasiljevic, Ljubisa Simovic and Sladjana Varagic.

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