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26 март 2010

Opening of the group show "Ich Tier! (Du Mensch) - Du Tier! (Ich Mensch)", Perla-Mode and Dienstgebäude, 9 April 2010, 7 pm

Opening Friday, 9 April

ich tier! (du mensch) – du tier! (ich mensch) // i animal! (you human) – you animal! (i human)

abrupt interspecies encounters

a group show spanning two spaces

Perla-Mode, Langstrasse 84 / Brauerstrasse 37, 8004 Zurich
Dienstgebäude, Weichengasse 4, 8004 Zürich.
10 - 25 April 2010
Opening event on Friday, 9 April from 7 pm
between Perla-Mode and Dienstgebäude in the streets of Zurich, 7 pm: performance Social Disorder and a World Turned Upside Down by eggerschlatter; the audience and passersby are invited to actively participate in hauling two workhorses from Perla-Mode to Dienstgebäude and back, connecting the two spaces through a procession along Langstrasse
at Perla-Mode:
  • 6 pm: doors open
  • 7 pm-9:30 pm: opening, bar
  • 9:30 pm: DJ Party with dj scarlett
at Dienstgebäude:
  • 7 pm-11 pm: opening party with bar and crèpes

About the exhibition and program of events
Artists: bankleer, Sabina Baumann, Beni Bischof, eggerschlatter, Christian Eisenberger, Klara Hobza, huber.huber, Line Skywalker Karlstrøm, Jakob Lena Knebl, Flo Maak, Lin May, Evi Rüsseler, Hans Scheirl, Gisèle Schindler, Bertold Stallmach, Jens Ullrich, Nives Widauer.
"Ich Tier! (Du Mensch)" at Perla-Mode: Dimitrina Sevova
"Du Tier! (Ich Mensch)" at Dienstgebäude: Cathérine Hug, Isabel Reiss
Special events in collaboration with corner college and corner cinema <>:
  • Saturday, 10 April, 8 pm: movie screening of After Effect by Stephan Geene
  • Friday, 23 April, 7:30 pm: video / live performance by Mirjam Hofmann: HUMANDOG - If you want to know what is human you have to approach it on all four
  • Sunday, 25 April, 7 pm: lecture by Judith Jack Halberstam: Creative Anthropomorphism - animal forms of sociality and cross species desires
  • Wednesdays, 14 and 21 April, 6 pm till late: bar and small talk at Perla-Mode, with a surprise program (9 pm: experimental feature movie)
Ich Tier! (Du Mensch) invitation card / poster

The project is realized in collaboration with Perla-Mode, Dienstgebäude and corner college.
perla-mode dienstgebäude corner college

The idea of the project is not to "advocate here something like a 'return to nature' ". Rather to devote our energy to transgressing the limited formal vocabulary upon which our own privileges as participants in the present consumer culture stand. Language magnifies the human perception of reality. Interesting to us are the shady places in which the categorical boundaries between human and animal are blurred. Of particular importance is a consideration of the history of modernity as a project of progress in which "animals figured principally as a resource for human progress." Following present debates around the social and cultural forces of change, we witness how perceptions in a broader public space are altered towards "respect for the animal being" as this space opens up under the confrontation of our immediate reality with the digital and global dynamic environment of a planet in crisis, reaching the limits of natural resources. These shape conceptual horizons in which humans do not perceive themselves as total owners of the environment. We share a special commitment to creating a cultural ecosystem in which a variety of ideas co-exist and interact without giving rise to linear structures, without turning into ideological clichés.

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