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22 май 2007

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About "The East" But Were Afraid to Ask Curated by Boryana Rossa

> Everything You Always Wanted to Know About "The
> East"
> But Were Afraid to Ask
> Curated by Boryana Rossa
> Opening reception/party:
> Tuesday, May 8th,
> 7-11 pm,
> �Fifty-one-third�
> 51 3rd, Troy, NY
> with live performances by
> �the jesse stiles 3000�
> �Doestoevsky's Pistols�
> DJ joro-boro from the Bulgarian Bar in NYC
> Boryana Rossa/Oleg Mavromatti
> Contact: Boryana Rossa, 518-9613376,
> Exhibition:
> The intention of this show is to expose
> artistic/political practices that are not very well
> known in the U.S.; to challenge some stereotypes
> about Eastern Europe and what the �freedom of
> expression� is worldwide. Artists from Russia,
> Bulgaria and Estonia use their bodies to talk about
> issues of gender, religious, national and political
> identity in the �young� democracies. Boryana
> and
> Oleg Mavromatti will perform live �True Love�
> presented for the first time at Exit Art, NY, March
> 2007.
> Music Party:
> Subverting the flow of corporate imperialism,
> joro-boro imports the sound of the world as
> ethnomesh
> - a mix of gypsypunk, balkan dancehall, booty
> bhangra,
> favela turbo funk, bandari beats, sonidero cumbia,
> techno brass q-check and whatever else is needed to
> detonate a global wedding party where everybody is
> related.
> More about the show:

> Most of the works presented are public interventions
> and performances. Made primarily in the
> nineties--time of dramatic changes for most of the
> countries of the communist block�they provoked
> polarized reactions in the Eastern European
> societies
> and the media.
> These works have been also exhibited in Western
> countries like Germany, USA, Canada, France, Spain,
> Austria, Switzerland and many others. Some of them
> have been presented in important international
> forums
> like the exhibition Body and the East - From the
> 1960s
> to the Present, Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana,
> Slovenia
> EXIT Art, New York; BLOOD: Lines and Connections,
> The
> Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, After the Wall -
> Art and culture in post-Communist Europe, Moderna
> Museet, Stockholm.
> Artists in the show include:

> Absolute Love Sect (SAL), Daniela Kostova, Elena
> Kovylina, Expropriation of the Territory of Art
> (ETI),
> Emperor Wawa, Georgy Toushev, Houben Cherkelov, Kai
> Kaljo, , Rassim, Ultrafuturo (Boryana Rossa, Oleg
> Mavromatti, Anton Terziev, Katia Damianova, Miroslav
> Dimitrov),Ventsislav Zankov.

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