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28 май 2007

Boriana Rossa - tri kuratorski proekta prez 2007

Tuk presdtaviam trite proekta, chiito curator biah
tazi godina.

“V prisystvie na tialoto”
(In the Presence of the
Body) vse oste moze da byde vidian do kraia na June v
Center for Bio Technology and Interdisciplinary
Studies (CBTIS) v Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,
Troy, NY.

Proektyt „Everything You Wanted to Know About “The
East” but Were Afraid to Ask”

Stana prichina za syzdavaneto na universitetska
bibliotechna kolekcia ot video dokumentacia na
pyrformansi ot istochno evropeiski strain, za koiato
biaha zakupeni videa na Ventsislav Zankov, Rassim,
Daniela Kostova, Boryana Rossa, Oleg Mavromatti, Anton
Terziev I Ultrafuturo (K. Damianova, O. Mavromatti, M.

Izlozbata „The 8th of March International Women’s Day
Art Show”
, kurirahme zaedno s Daniela Kostova & Dara
Greenwald, kakto I s pomostta na raznoobrasznoto po
polowa samoidentifikacia universitetsko & mestno
artistichno obstestvo.

Tuk mogat da bydat vidiani snimki ot trite proekta:

Po-dolu podrobna informacia na angliiski.

„In the Presence of the Body” se namira v:

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
110 8th Street, CBTIS,
Troy, NY 12180

Bih iskala da izkaza specialni blagodarnosti kym
Daniela Kostova, Oleg Mavromatti, Rich Pell & Kathy
High, koito poloziha ogromni usilia za da moze tezi
tri proekta da bydat osystestveni.

Boryana Rossa

In the Presence of the Body
Curated by Boryana Rossa

“In the Presence of the Body” is an inaugural
exhibition in conjunction with the BioArts Initiative.
The BioArt Initiative is a collaborative research
project between Rensselaer’s Arts Department and the
Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies
(CBIS). This project proposes to lay the foundation
establishing RPI as a premiere institution for the
synthesis of emerging biotechnological research and
media art practice. The potential for creating a
mutually supportive and critically engaged culture
between art, engineering and science exists at RPI to
a degree that is possible in only a select few
universities worldwide.
“In the Presence of The Body” is a season of events
dedicated to art, biology and society at RPI, Center
for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies
(CBIS), and West Hall.
BioArt Initiative Opening receptions:
Wednesday, April 18th, 4-6 pm, RPI, West Hall, Gallery
111, documentation of bioart works
Wednesday, April 18th, RPI, Center for Biotechnology
and Interdisciplinary Studies (CBIS), MEART the Semi
Living Artist

Artist/scientist talks and discussions:
Monday, April 23th, 6-10 pm, RPI, Center for
Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies, Bruggeman
Conference Center
Steve Potter
(Ph.D., Biological Sciences, University of
California—Irvine, Department of Neurobiology and
Behavior, 1993, Assistant Professor, Coulter
Department of Biomedical Engineering, Georgia
Institute of Technology, Atlanta)
Steve Kurtz
(Ph.D., Interdisciplinary Humanities, University of
Florida, artist, University at Buffalo, The State
University of New York, founding member Critical Art
Adam Zaretsky
(MFA School of the Art Institute of Chicago, artist,
Universiteit Leiden, The Netherlands)
In The Presence of The Body Description:
In the Presence of the body is the first exhibition
event of the ground breaking BioArt Initiative for
collaboration between the Department of Electronic Art
and the Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary
Studies (CBIS) at RPI. The initiative brings together
RPI’s cutting-edge biotechnology resources with its
world-class electronic arts community. The show will
feature drawings made by MEART, a biological art work
consisting of living cell culture that controls a
robotic arm. Documentation of bioart works will be
displayed with the aim of introducing the university
and the local community to the collaboration of art
and science as a field that stands as a mediator
between scientific research and society. Artists from
Australia, Canada, Russia,
Bulgaria, Germany and the US will demonstrate an
engaging and critical overview of some of the aspects
of current scientific research and its application.
The show will be in conjunction with an evening of
talks and discussions. Artists and scientists will
present their research, artistic projects and
experience in collaborative art/science work.
In The Presence of The Body at CBIS:
The core project presented at the CBIS will be MEART
the Semi Living Artist, a result of seven years of
collaboration between SymbioticA Research Group
(SymbioticA - The Art & Science Collaborative Research
Lab, University of WA), and Dr. Steve Potter's Lab
(Department of Biomedical Engineering, Georgia
Institute of Technology).
MEART - The Semi Living Artist is a geographically
detached, bio-cybernetic research and development
project exploring aspects of creativity and artistry
in the age of new biological technologies. It was
developed and hosted by SymbioticA Research Lab. MEART
is an installation distributed between two (or more)
locations in the world. Its “brain” consists of
cultured nerve cells that grow and live in a
neuro-engineering lab, in the Georgia Institute of
Technology, Atlanta, USA (Dr. Steve Potter's lab). Its
“body” is a robotic drawing arm that is capable of
producing two-dimensional drawings. The “brain” and
the “body” communicate in real time when MEART is
shown live in a gallery.
MEART is suggesting future scenarios where humans will
create/grow/manufacture intuitive and creative
“thinking entities” that develop into intelligent and
unpredictable beings. They may be created by humans
for anthropocentric use, but as they will be creative
and unpredictable they might not necessarily stay the
way they were originally intended. This work explores
questions such as: What is creativity? According to
what criteria do we evaluate it? Can we move away from
our anthropocentric thinking about the “only human”
creative capability? Can we recognize the creativity
of The Other we don’t know? How does our definition of
creativity relate to what we think intelligence is?
A focal exhibit of the show will be documentation of
MEART – a short film, photographs, scientific poster
and reports as well as original drawings of the robot.

Other artists’ videos will be screened at CBIS
including works by SymbioticA research Lab (Oron
Catts, Ionat Zurr, Tanya Visocevic, Phil Gamblen, Guy
Ben Ary, Bruce Murphy, Douglas Bakkum), Eduardo Kac,
Paul Vanouse, BIOTEKNICA (Shawn Bailey & Jennifer

“In The Presence of The Body” exhibition at WEST HALL
The second location of the show is Gallery 111, at
West Hall. Similar to the show at the CBIS a variety
of bio-art documentation will extend public
understanding of what the dimensions of art/science
collaboration field are. The focus is on re-evaluation
of the scientific research, the opportunities or
misinterpretations exposed to society and the
dimensions of the public awareness about its
Other artists videos will be screened Gallery 111
including works by: Adam Zaretsky and Barbara Groves,
BIOTEKNICA, Critical Art Ensemble w/ Rich Pell,
Dimitry Bulatov, Julia Reodica, Stelarc and Nina
Sellars, SymbioticA Research Group, ULTRAFUTURO, Where
the Dogs are Running.
"In the Presence of the Body" is also a precursor of
the show “Corpus Extremus (Life+)” scheduled for
exhibition December 2007 at the renowned
art/performance space Exit Art in New York. “Corpus
Extremus (Life+)” focuses the investigation to
questions of life and death while expanding the
framework to arenas of technology related to this
theme. The exhibition topic will include genetic and
biotechnologies (tissue engineering, cryobiology,
nanotechnology), cybernetics, virtual reality, the
fusing of the human and the machine, the technologies
of death, and the corporate marketing of the
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About "The East"
But Were Afraid to Ask
Curated by Boryana Rossa
Opening party: Tuesday, May 8th, 7-11 pm,
“Fifty-one-third” 51 3rd, Troy, NY
with live performances by: the jesse stiles 3000,
Doestoevsky's Pistols, DJ joro-boro from the Bulgarian
Bar in NYC
The intention of this show is to expose
artistic/political practices that are not very well
known in the U.S. and to challenge some stereotypes
about Eastern Europe. Artists from Russia, Bulgaria
and Estonia use their bodies to talk about issues of
gender, religious, national and political identity in
the “young” democracies.
Music Party:
Subverting the flow of corporate imperialism,
joro-boro imports the sound of the world as ethnomesh
- a mix of gypsypunk, balkan dancehall, booty bhangra,
favela turbo funk, bandari beats, sonidero cumbia,
techno brass q-check and whatever else is needed to
detonate a global wedding party where everybody is
More about the show:

Most of the works presented are public interventions
and performances. Made primarily in the nineties--time
of dramatic changes for most of the countries of the
communist block—they provoked polarized reactions in
the Eastern European societies and media.
These works have been also exhibited in Western
countries like Germany, USA, Canada, France, Spain,
Austria, Switzerland and many others. Artists in the
show include:
Absolute Love Sect (SAL), Daniela Kostova, Elena
Kovylina, Emperor Wawa, Georgy Toushev, Houben
Cherkelov, Kai Kaljo, NEZSEZIUDIK (O. Mavromatti, D.
Pimenov, A. Osmolovski, A. Brener), Rassim,
Ultrafuturo (Boryana Rossa, Oleg Mavromatti, Anton
Terziev, Katia Damianova, Miroslav
Dimitrov),Ventsislav Zankov.
The 8th of March International Women’s Day Art Show
Opening Party: Thursday, March 8th, 6-10 pm
Live Performances by C. Ryder Cooley, Sarah Paul &
Chris Skinner, and Evolution Revolution!
At 51 3rd Street, Troy, NY
Wednesday March 14th 2007
6-8 pm with an artist talk by Dara Greenwald
Friday March 16th 2007
7pm Screening and The Hole Body Performance by Boryana
The 8th of March marks the international day of
celebration for women’s rights. International Women’s
Day has been celebrated on this date since 1917. This
show highlights the work of over 20 local women
artists and their collaborators. This happening/
celebration/ party/ show includes drawing, video,
animation, performance, sculpture, bio-art,
photography, installations, music, and more. Artists
in the show include: Barbara Groves , Bettina
Escauriza, Boryana Rossa, Branda Miller, Cat Mazza, C.
Ryder Cooley, Caz McIntee, Daniela Kostova, Dara
Greenwald, Evolution Revolution, Julia Christensen,
Julia Reodica, Jung Yoon, Kathy High, Kyra Garrigue,
Lin Bell, Liz Blum, Nao Bustamante, Nina Baldwin,
Olivia Robinson, Seana Biondolillo, Sarah Paul & Chris
Skinner, and Zulma Aguiar.
More Info on International Women’s Day
In 1911, as a result of the decision taken at
Copenhagen the previous year, International Women's
Day was marked for the first time (19 March) in
Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland, where more
than one million women and men attended rallies. In
addition to the right to vote and to hold public
office, they demanded the right to work, to vocational
training and to an end to discrimination on the job.
Less than a week later, on 25 March, the tragic
Triangle Fire in New York City took the lives of more
than 140 working girls, most of them Italian and
Jewish immigrants. This event had a significant impact
on labour legislation in the United States, and the
working conditions leading up to the disaster were
invoked during subsequent observances of International
Women's Day.
In 1917, on the last Sunday of February, Russian women
began a strike for "bread and peace" in response to
the death over 2 million Russian soldiers in war.
Opposed by political leaders the women continued to
strike until four days later the Czar was forced to
abdicate and the provisional Government granted women
the right to vote. The date the women's strike
commenced was Sunday 23 February on the Julian
calendar then in use in Russia. This day on the
Gregorian calendar in use elsewhere was 8 March.

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