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30 септември 2009

Decadent Eclipse in New Orleans

Decadent Eclipse

Joro De Boro
Michael Burkard

Daniela Kostova

Sarah McCoubrey
Andrew Mount

Marion Wilson

Curated by Natalia Mount

"Decadence Eclipse" is a site-specific project about our human, material, capital and cultural excesses. Excesses are most often thought of in disparaging and negative terms, mainly because of the contemporary reading of the term waste, which is seen as an endgame. The exhibition "Decadent Eclipse" explores the view that waste is a powerful generative engine, able to eclipse the predominant system.

In addition to the installations, video, projections, audio works, paintings, sculpture, photography, poetry, drawings, and digital and performance art on view during the "Decadence Eclipse" exhibition, there will be several events that will serve as an embedded narrative, an exhibition within the exhibition. These events are called the "Chapter Book Events" and they will be for the audience a point of entry into the artists' processes and works. Audience will be able to engage in the ideas represented in the "Decadent Eclipse" exhibition, through collaborative building of a house, manipulating and image bank created collectively by the artists in the exhibition and celebrating all things eclipsed at a one night block dj party.

October 2/ 9 pm - 2 am
Opening Reception for "Decadent Eclipse" exhibition

"Chapter Book Events" Schedule
October 2/9 pm – 2 am

Psycho-magical performance for Wii, bluetooth, saranwrap and garbage by Joro De Boro

Image Bank Collective
Collaborative Building of a house
Post-national booty bass music: etnoteck vs. monoculture – DJ Party with Joro Boro

All welcome, bring champagne!

KK Projects
2448 N Villere St
New Orleans, LA 70117
+1 504 218 8701

***"Decadent Eclipse" exhibition is organized to coincide with and reflect upon some of the topics, part of the Imagining America Annual National Conference which will take place in New Orleans this year and will run from Oct. 1 – Oct. 3 2009. Imagining America is a national consortium of colleges and universities committed to public scholarship in the arts, humanities, and design. Public scholarship joins serious intellectual endeavor with a commitment to public practice and public consequence. Imagining America Annual National Conferences are crucial to the work that Imagining America does. These events allow public scholars in the cultural disciplines to form a network, to share best practices, to visit project sites, and to gain inspiration and motivation for their work. The conferences take place in a workshop format.

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